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How can I repel insects instead of kill them?

But, why repel them, if you can get rid of them instead?

How can I quit using Insecticides and getting nowhere?

Does my pet have fleas?

Will insecticides do the job?

What insecticide should I use?

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Q. im moving into a new home however the home ive just moved out of is competely infested w/ fleas...im only taking my clothes dresser and bed.....my question is, should i just rewash my clothes once i move into the new home, incase of fleas.... do fleas die in the dryer???or should i put all my stuff outside and spray it before taking it in the house...??right now ive got all my stuf sitting in the garage... i just wannna know if its safe to bring in w/o risking contamination of my new home....
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Q. Whenever my animals get fleas, they always seem to like me best. We had an infestation once in my house and not one of the five people living there got bitten, yet I was just covered with bites. Is it my breath? Something I eat? My friend thinks it is because I have a high sugar diet.
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Q. i have a basement filled with old clothes and furniture...and i just can`t get rid of the fleas. my dog doesn`t have fleas anymore but everytime we go to the basement we get bitten. we`ve tried everything, bombing, bug spray, hanging the clothes in the sun. Is there a way to stop the fleas completely, but is harmless to us and the environment? i was thinking a natural way, like for example how do animals living in the wild get rid of fleas? can u help us?
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Q. I am going to be bombing a bedroom in my house i have no pets but the people that lived there before me did.in the bedroom there are two closets that have no doors on them. My question is . . . .is it safe for the clothes and incase of any skin irrations for the people that wear them to leave the clothes still hanging to be bombed? I would take them out but I am afraid their may be fleas on them.
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