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How can I repel insects instead of kill them?

Essential Herbal Oils

After thousands of years, herbs are an overnight success.

Essential Herbal Oils are all natural and mild and will leave your hair or the pet's coat healthy and vibrant. For centuries, they have been used in a variety of ways to repel fleas, ticks and other biting insects.

Basic instructions: Ten to 20 drops may be put in a pint sized squirt bottle. This is used for misting.

* Mist your own hair and clothing when outside during mosquito season. The oils set up a very pleasant smelling barrier, so that you (and your party) won't be bothered by these pesky insects.

* Set the squirt bottle near the door, so that you can mist the dog (and your own pants legs) when you take the dog for a walk. No hitchhikers will come home with your or your pet from public places.

* Mist the dog before going to training class and upon returning as well. You won't pick up fleas from other members of the training class.

* For longer term control, a few drops may be placed on a cotton flea collar and put around the dog's neck. Renew the oil whenever the aroma starts to fade.

* Herbal Oils also seem to be effective in repelling chiggers.

* Never put the undiluted Essential Oils directly on you or the dog. They are very strong and can burn his skin. The Herbal Essential Oils should NOT be used on cats. They lick themselves and will ingest the oils rather than simply wearing the aroma.

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