I've killed the adults, but they keep coming back!

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How can I quit using Insecticides and getting nowhere?

I've killed the adults, but they keep coming back!

A flea only spends about 15% of his life as an adult. The rest of the time, he is an egg, a larva, or a pupa, just waiting to hatch into a biting adult.

You must use an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) to stop the eggs and larvae from hatching. It is truly the secret to stopping fleas for good.

An Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) breaks the flea lifecycle by preventing a young flea from growing normally, into the next phase -- a biting, breeding adult.

  1. The first IGR to come out was Precor. It did a wonderful job of interrupting the flea life cycle in the house, but it breaks down rapidly in sunlight. So it didn't complete the job of getting rid of fleas in the whole environment.

  2. The Lufenuron in Program pills for dogs and cats is technically an IGR. The chemical in the pet's bloodstream stops the baby fleas from being able to hatch out of the egg. This, however, is its downfall. With Program, the flea has to bite the pet, AND CONTINUE TO CHEW ON THE PET for the rest of its life, to be effective.

  3. Archer and Flea Fix are third generation IGR's that work in the environment. There is no need to feed chemicals to the pets, and these don't easily break down in sunlight. This is true Long-Term control. No flea eggs can develop on your property for months at a time either indoors or outdoors. We use Archer because it is so much more economical, but if you have just a small area, then FleaFix is just as good of a choice.

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